Who We Work With

We work with select brands, both big and small, to produce custom ceramic designs. Our goal is to support businesses who provide their consumers with goods that are made in the USA, with an emphasis on preserving traditional techniques. We’re always thrilled to work with makers who have a passion for objects that are made with integrity and can withstand the test of time. Here at Mudshark we’re helping to create a new standard for retail goods. One that is committed to local production, minimizing environmental impact, and celebrating both the designer and crafts person through a product well made.

To see examples of projects that we currently support, or have worked on in the past, please visit our project gallery page. We are humbled to support these inspiring makers who are dedicated to the growth and appreciation of handmade goods.


Mudshark Studios is first and foremost a production studio for handcrafted ceramic goods. Armed with a team of slipcasting gurus and two ceramic presses, we can produce projects using either technique. Slipcasting is ideal for complex designs that require several mold parts, whereas the press is a useful tool for modest designs with a focus on production output and consistency.

We analyze each project with our client and together decide on the production method that best suites the design and the interests of the client. During this discussion process we are committed to communicating any potential limitations we foresee so that our clients can make an educated decision on how to proceed. We then provide a quote based on this option that includes model, mold, and development costs in addition to an estimated range for the per unit cost.


Each new project we produce is subject to a detailed development process to ensure that we can deliver a product that satisfies our client’s standards. Although we approach each project with the intention to complete a production run, occasionally there are unforeseen limitations that can make your product unfit for production. The development process allows us to mitigate these limitations and provides an opportunity for the client to review several prototypes before committing to a production run. We’re all about transparency and take efforts to ensure that our clients understand each step of the process.


As a small studio it is important to note that we do not have the ability to turn large order quantities around in a short period of time. The monthly production capacity for new projects is contingent on existing work and the complexity of the design, and we average 50-100 units per project, per month. We are always willing to explore larger order quantities with the understanding that we will never be able to produce handcrafted goods at the rate of a machine, but we can definitely supply you with amazing ceramic work at the pace of hardworking humans.

Ready to get started? We are too! Please select the inquire link to submit your production proposal. If you haven’t visited our FAQ page yet, we’d recommend that you give it a quick peek before taking this step.