Custom Molds


We offer a variety of services to support your production efforts. From 3D model prints to custom plaster molds, we offer our clients multiple solutions for realizing their idea in clay or glass. Below you’ll find information on our available services. We’re here to find a solution that works for you!

Model Work

An accurate model is a key factor to creating successful mold work. A model is a 3D replica of your design that is upscaled to account for the shrinkage rate of your chosen ceramic material.

The increased dimensions mitigate the shrinkage that occurs during the casting and firing process, so that you yield a finished piece that reflects the dimensions of the original design. Without upscaling the model, the result would be a finished piece that is smaller than the original design.

Mudshark offers both 3D file creation and 3D model print services. We can create your model from sketches, technical drawings, pictures, and even from scanning a physical prototype. We take efforts to ensure that our clients understand the model making process and what factors will provide the best finished version of your design.

Clients are also welcome to provide their own model work to be used in the mold making process. We recommend that you contact us prior to creating your model so that you have a seamless experience from start to finish.

Ceramic Molds

We provide custom mold work for both slipcasting and RAM press production techniques. Due to our intimate understanding of the production process, the models and molds we construct for these techniques are made with the ease of production in mind.

We are committed to providing quality mold work that increases production efficiency, and will always advise our clients if we believe a design could be altered to better suite the mold making process.

For slipcasting work, we offer custom mold work including master molds, rubber “mother” molds, and production or “working” molds. RAM work is slightly different, and for these projects we offer rubber molds and production molds. It is important to note that Mudshark only provides custom mold work and does not offer existing mold work or templates at this time.

For more information on mold parts and the mold making process, please reference our FAQ page. If you are interested in an in-depth mold workshop or consultation, visit our EDUCATE page for further details. And if you’re ready to dive in, continue below to submit your custom mold request.

Glass Slump Molds

Our mold services also extend to those looking for custom glass molds, designed specifically for slumping glass. Glass slump molds often have a wide base and sloping sides in order to provide a stationary platform during the firing process, and an easy release once fired.

To create a glass slump mold, we begin with the mold making process by completing a master mold, rubber mold, and working molds that reflect the inverse of the intended design. These working molds will then be used to cast the slump mold. We cast ceramic slump molds in an earthenware slip and then bisque fire the molds to cone 06, or approximately 1800 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once fired to this temperature, the slump molds are complete and ready to be sent to you and put to work. Please note that our slump molds are guaranteed to hold up to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit.

We do not offer glass production services, glass production materials, or slumping consultations at this time. 

Ready to get started? We are too! Please select the inquire link to submit your mold work proposal. If you haven’t visited our FAQ page yet, we’d recommend that you give it a quick peek before taking this step.