About Us

Mudshark Studios was formed in the minds of two righteous dudes who saw the need for American craft to embrace and celebrate ceramic production. Back at the turn of the century, future Mudshark owners Brett Binford and Chris Lyon met while working at a ceramic design studio in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Here they found their shared passion for the ceramic production process, and together they dreamed of creating their own production company. In 2012 their shared dream became a reality, and that’s where you’ve found us today.


Our team of 2 has grown to a thriving team of 30ish people and depending on the day, 2 to 4 loyal dogs who lovingly support our hard work in Portland, Oregon. We are dedicated to celebrating the ceramic community through providing designers and artists alike with a local production outlet, supporting burgeoning ceramicists with a place to refine their skills and gain production experience, and sharing our successes with the local and national ceramic community.

Welcome. We look forward to creating with you.