A Ceramic Production Studio

Here at Mudshark Studios we’re a team. We’re a team of makers, scientists, doers– we’re a bunch of radical people who have come together to make your ideas out of clay. Whether you’re looking for custom molds or ceramic production services, our dedicated and experienced team is ready for action. But we’re more than just a kickass team–we’re educators, too. We are committed to educating our clients on the various materials and techniques used in the ceramic production process. We want you to feel confident that your project is in the right hands with the right tools, and we think the best way to achieve this is through sharing our knowledge and experiences with you.

Because we’re a team of makers and doers we take pride in your ideas being built by our hands. We strive to manufacture the highest quality product but are humbled, and honored, by the presence of our hand in your work. So here’s to handcrafted products being made in Portland, Oregon, and here’s to you, our community, who keeps the appreciation of handcrafted ceramics alive and thriving.

Welcome. We’re glad you’re here.