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Mudshark studios offers custom plaster molds designed for either slip casting or RAM pressing. These molds are made from your own model, or a prototype we have designed. Depending on your design and production needs, Mudshark Studios will determine what the best production method is. This will determine whether a RAM die, or a slip casting mold will be made.
A slip casting master mold is made of plaster and will look exactly like the working molds (If you do not require multiple molds, then the master mold becomes your working mold).This master mold will only be used to make the rubber mother mold. Each rubber mother mold is an individual mold of each mold part that makes up the master mold. The rubber mother mold is made from a very strong and rigid two part pourable polyurethane rubber. These rubber mother molds will produce your working molds at a much lower cost than the original master mold, as well as the ability to increase production capacity.
RAM master molds are made from plaster as well, but are limited to two parts. Once the RAM masters have been made rubber mother molds are then produced. These rubber molds will then produce the working RAM mold. A RAM working mold can typically produce up to 1000 pressing before replacement is needed.